Workshops and Conferences
More than forty lectures in France, Germany and Italy are recorded in the Labintel data base of the CNRS and that one of Mare, University of Amsterdam.
World conferences
Islands 2000. The world of islands - what development on the eve of the year 2000. Giardini Naxos 19 - 24 May. Preparatory conference for the World Summit of RIO. « La diaspora phénicienne: un modèle à réinventer ? »
World Conference on sustainable tourism. 27 - 28 April. Lanzarote, Islas Canarias Espana. "Usage touristique et mode d'appropriation des ressources naturelles."
International Conferences
Reinventing the Commons. Vth International Common Property Conference, Bodo Norway, 24. - 29. May. "Rejuvenate an old halieutical wisdom or how to reconstruct the paradigm of the architect of the sea."
Conferencia Mediterrania Alternativa. Barcelona. 24 - 28 November. « Suppression des filets maillant dérivant en Italie. Légitimité et enjeu. »
Third International Conference. Property rights, economics and environment: the marine resources. Aix-en-Provence, 21 - 23 June. Key note address: "Revisiting the concept of appropriation in the use of marine entities".
"People and the Sea". Amsterdam, 29.8. - 2. 9. Panel ELSA PECHE. "Appropriation of the Marine Resources - the Ethical Approach".
International Conference on Mediterranean Fisheries. Napoli, 21 - 22 June. Keynote speaker: "Preserving the social logic of coastal fishing communities, rebuilding marine ecosystems: pathways for an halieutical eco - development in the Mediterranean
"People and the Sea II". Amsterdam, 4 - 6. September. Panel FISH-GOVFOOD. "Governing as reordering the way of using halieutical nature".
Sustainable EU Fisheries: Facing the environmental challenges. European Parliament, Bruxelles, 8 - 9 November 2004. Keynote address 2: "Social implications for an environmental sustainable fisheries sector".
People and the Sea III, Amsterdam, 7 - 9 July 2005; panel 2,4; "Halieutical commons in the Mediterranean: Holistic and engendered governance forms for eco social development pathways".
Reggio 21. La Provincia di Reggio Calabria nel terzo Millenio. Reggio Calabria, 6 - Novembre. "La cultura e l'etica del mare".
People and the Sea IV, Amsterdam, 5 - 7 July. Panel 4,7. "Protecting the Mediterranean coastal commons: The need for a cultural ecological valuing approach".
XV International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology. Rio de Janeiro, 4 - 7 October. "Searching the real values of the sea: The Ecost perspective".
First Regional Symposium on Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, Malta, 27-30 November 2013
Conférence régionale « Construire un avenir pour une pêche artisanale durable en Méditerranée et en Mer Noire », Alger, du 7 au 9 mars 2016. Le Ministère de l'Agriculture, du Développement Rural et de la Pêche, en partenariat avec la Commission Générale des Pêches pour la Méditerranée (CGPM) de l'Organisation des Nations Unies pour l'Alimentation et l'Agriculture (FAO) .
Since 1994 as European social scientist Serge R. Collet has participated in numerous expert workshops:
- In the framework of MSH international programs (renewable resources and appropriation regimes.
(Paris, 22 - 26 February 1994).
- In the framework of the European social science fisheries network (ESSFIN).
(coordinated by D. Symes (1994, 1996, 1997, 1998).
- IFREMER programs: régulations de l'accès aux ressources et écosystèmes marins.
(RARE, 24 - 26 March, 1998. Montpellier - Agropolis).
Mediterranean regional fisheries initiative as coordinator
- 1999 Modernità ed innovazione nel settore ittico, per un sistema della pesca responsabile in Sicilia.
(Assessorato Regione Sicilia, Castello Uvegio Palermo. 17 - 18 Giugnio.)
- 2001 Futuro e nuove forme di governo per uno sviluppo eco compatibile della piccola pesca costiera nel Mediterraneo.
(21 - 22 luglio,Ecomuseo del Mare di Catania.)
Since 2001 he participated in European international workshops to address conditions and pathways to sustainable fisheries and guidelines for research programming.
- "Towards holistic fisheries management: a Mediterranean perspective. Heraklion,
Crete. 27 - 29 March, 2001.
EU FAIR Programs, Ref. Mac 20/ 98. Coordinated by T. Hawkins. FRS Marine Laboratory UK (EU publications).
- New concepts and indicators in fisheries and aquaculture.
Brussels, 3 - 4 December 2001. S. des Clers, C. Nauen (eds.)
ACP - EU Fisheries Research Report n° 13, July 2002. EU publications.
- Gender in Fisheries and aquaculture. Social capital and knowledge for the transition towards sustainable use of aquatic ecosystems.
Brussels 9 - 10 December, 2002.
ACP - EU, Fisheries Research, n° 16, June 2005.
Planning of and participation in numerous and often very large grass root initiatives with coastal fishers in Italy, regularly reported by regional newspapers and television (since 1993) and in South of France (November 2000 World Day of Small Scales Fisheries. Six fours les plages, 25 November 2000) internal advisory seminars of DG Fisheries (19 March 2002) S.R. Collet has never ceased to advocate the crucial and positive role of the Mediterranean inshore fisheries and the preservation of coastal marine ecosystems and in some instances (French Prud'homies) their capacity to innovate in the pursuit of responsible fisheries: e.g. caring for the health of local marine ecosystem.
2007: Blue School. WWF Mediterranean Programme; Mediterranean Fisheries. Linking ecosystem approach and education. 19-23 March, Sitges (Spain). Lecture: "The eco museum of the sea concept: a new ethically based local governance institution for coping with the vulnerabilization of marine nature".
2008: Blue School. WWF Mediterranean Programme; Guidelines for Ecosystems Approach ti Fisheries in the Mediterranean, Barcelona, 9-12 December. Mediterranean Coastal Fishing Communities facing the Alterations of the Marine Ecosystem
September 1993
"Uomini e Pesce": 6 minutes. RAI III. Director Antonio Raffa
June 1994
"Uomini delle spadara: Uomini senza futuro?" 40 minutes,RAI III, Director Pino Nano.
October 1995
"La Costa viola. Risorse d'un Territorio." 45 minutes. Director Domenico Bagàla, Comune di Palmi, Provincia di Reggio Calabria
"Forti i Paleddi - storia della caccia al pescespada nello stretto di Messina", Nova Media Productions, Director Gianfranco Serraino. Premio Capo Rizzuto e Toulon nel 1997.
"Planeta mare - storia della caccia al pescespada a Scilla", 26 minuti, Rete IV
Fiction film
2009 Voices of the Sea, 26 minutes.