Voices of the Sea
Created in Hamburg with the cooperation of young people with no particular initial skills except those of the cameraman assistant, the cut and the technicians, "Voices of the Sea" is a poetic surrealistic short film, mainly written in German language. It represents a turning point in the life of a "marine" anthropo- archaeologist who has devoted more than 25 years to understand the deep specificity of the sea based culture in their social symbolical and imaginary dimensions, especially in the Mediterranean. With this film the author, director, comes back to very first theatre and filmic experiences in the mid seventies with his friend the poet video maker Patrick Morelli (disappeared "in the moon and the stars" in 2007), and 20 years later with the Sicilian young filmmaker Gianfranco Serraino "Forti I paleddi". "Voices of the Sea" doesn't tell a story. There is no plot, no action, and no character as such, but five wonderful voices of young women and that one of man which express poetically the modern alteration - vulnerabilization of the res halieutica, of the blue causality. By the means of the rhetorical figure of the personification the marine nature Id it is always the sea who speaks to humans in the four tableaux.

Each of them from the creation of the marine world the Kumulipo, borrowed to the old Hawaiian sea based culture to the Sophoclean appeal of the sea to the sensitive reason of the western humanity it is always the sea which claims, shouts, bubbles through voices, music composition, strong surrealistic images and creatures - objects inspired by Magritte, Labisse, Ernst. "Voices of the Sea" by the means of the work of the metaphorization, the analogies and metonymies re-tailors the recent findings of marine ecology, anthropology, history and archaeology of the Bronze Mediterranean and Phoenician world.

This epic of the "marinity" expresses the symptoms of its disruption of a suffered denaturising of the marine nature Id. Nevertheless, it is not a crude accusatory, but a strong symbolic narrative which awakes the sensuous percept of marine affordances looking for to give form to the halieuphylia: the human feelings attached to the marine world. Through the gracious "Minoan" choreography, poetic Homerical words, abstract music the spectator changes into the sound and moves of the waves or those of the mingling sperm whales. As in the Kumolipo he enters like the god in the female blue causality. In the canto III he is called to enter in resonance with the sacred and ethical dimension of the sea e.g. the human gifts to the gods of the broad waters, as he would have perhaps done 5000 years ago, and today in the Samoa Islands.

"Voices of the Sea" is one of the artistic products of the "Sea in Us" exhibition that we have designed and planned at the end of 2007 in the framework of the international EU research project Ecost. The exhibition is funded by the Department of Environment of the Province of Reggio Calabria, the Ecost International Research Project and Horcynus Orca Foundation. It takes place at the very next International Mediterranean Festival of the Park Horcynus Orca/Messina, a unic wonderful place (the very old Strait of Skylla) and institution able to integrate marine environment researches, technological researches, social new practices with deep trends of art in Mediterranean. With the presentation and discussion of "Voices of the Sea" the "Sea in Us" artistic event is narrowly linked to the School of Cinema headed by the renowned Italian filmmaker Paolo Benvenuti.

During one week, thirty young European artists graciously invited will present their artistic works and will debate on a new marine art which finds its first roots in the new Palace period art of the Cretan Bronze Age.

Serge Collet, thanking the forces of the surreality after the cut out of a deadly piece at the hospital "The old oaks", 12.7.2009, Hamburg.
Cameraman and Crew
A Voice emerging from the rape sea
Minoan Dance
Sir Walter Raleigh...the Pirate
The scoffing of the sea voices
Golden Fish
The Medea Sea
The appeal of the sea and the tanit daughters
The theatre of the sea
Women creatures of the sea
The new tanit
Mortuary mask on the red bed of the sea
Sea goddess reposing in her magic boat